‘Poly Pluto Pluri’, Galería OMR, Mexico City (MX)


The 22nd of April 2017 will see the opening of Poly Pluto Pluri at Galería OMR, the first solo exhibition of Atelier Van Lieshout in Mexico.

–        Poly derives from πολύς, ancient Greek for many, much

–        Pluto derives from πλουτος, ancient Greek for wealth

–        Pluri means several, many in Latin

Roughly translated as ´more more more´, Poly Pluto Pluri presents a selection of the work of Atelier Van Lieshout, offering an overview of artist Joep van Lieshout´s practice from the early 1990’s until the present day. Fuelled by Van Lieshout´s fascination with ´man and machine´, Poly Pluto Pluri charts the development of new technologies congruent to the advancement of humanity, with all of its successes and more notably, its failures.