Early Bird


140 cm x 110 cm x 370 cm

Early Bird (2015) is a bird is a bird is a bird is a bird, all four symbolizing a different viewpoint, a different direction. The sculpture is contemporary and utopian, primitive and archaic, a tribal object mixed with modernism. Some forms are cubic and mathematical, others irrational and intuitive, and follow the logical engineering of the body’s bones and tissues, all connected with reason and purpose. With reference to a world of rites and rituals, the totem embraces the optimism of construction and new energy, the emergence of a new world order , rejecting old order, and the artist’s embrace of the industrial revolution, art, and science, to create Neo-futurist symbols connected to the ruins of the past.

Early Bird (2015) was part of the following exhibition(s):
Primitive Modern, Almine Rech Gallery, Brussels (BE), 2015

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