64 x 98 cm

Part of a series of drawings that tell the story of the birth of the Free State of AVL-Ville. Masterplan shows a further development of the Free Stage. One can still see the farm and the Autocrat, next to the factory there is a blast furnace, heat and carbon dioxide is recycled and used in the greenhouses. There is also a large arsenal, a watermill to supply electricity and a sawmill where the wood on the island is made into lumber for building furniture and barracks. There are also a tank, watch towers and a fence. In the back, there are the prison camps.

Masterplan (1998) was part of the following exhibition(s):
Two Years’ Vacation, FRAC Lorraine, Metz (FR), 2020 – 2021
Reality is Not What it Seems, Jousse Entreprise, Paris (FR), 2020

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