200 x 150 x 350 cm

The road to a perfect future is bumpy. It needs guides and guards, who point the way, stand firm for their ideals and keep enemies out. These figures are a cross between Moses and Ronin-like sentries, ready to serve and sacrifice for a goal they’ll never reap the benefits of. Judging by its rusty skin, this particular specimen has been at it for quite a while. The future is far away.

Utopia (2020) was part of the following exhibition(s):
Utopia, Château Saint-Maur, Saint Tropez (FR), 2022
De Verleiding, Bosch Parade, ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL), 2022
Imagine, ArtZuid, Amsterdam (NL), 2021
Let’s Get Physical, Atelier Van Lieshout, Rotterdam (NL), 2020

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