Freestate of AVL-Ville

In the year 2001 Atelier Van Lieshout realised AVL-Ville, a ‘free state’ in the port of Rotterdam, with its own constitution, currency and flag. It was a utopian village, where people could live and work in an ecological, autarkic way. Besides a large workshop where art works are made, the Pioneer Set, a mobile farm, would provide food. Alcohol and medicines were produced in a special workshop. Through creating their own energy resource powerplant and water purification system the free state was independent from other resources. This large-scale project forms a high point in the work of AVL; it was a culmination of all the works produced by AVL up to that time. This project provided a form of art not just to look at, but to be lived in and with. After a successful and tumultuous year, AVL-Ville closed its doors. For the old AVL-Ville website click here.