Looking back to the solo exhibition CryptoFuturist and New Tribal Labyrinth in New York


Atelier Van Lieshout is looking back tt the exhibition CryptoFuturist and New Tribal Labyrinth at Pioneer Works in New York that was on display from the 1st of March until the 14th of April 2019!

The centerpiece of this exhibition was Blast Furnace (2013). This 40-meter tall sculpture and object resembles a steel maze of pipes, conveyor, elevators, staircases, and mezzanines. In the shadow of Blast Furnace were sculptures placed from the series “CryptoFuturism”. Among them were Pendulum Press (2018) and Chicken of the Future (2019).

CryptoFuturist and New Tribal Labyrinth is carefully documented by Pioneer Works. The overview video gives a good impression of the exhibition. Click here.

Pioneer Works hosted several events and performances that reflected on The CryptoFuturist and The New Tribal Labyrinth:

Sound poet and improviser Jaap Blonk gave a unique tour through CryptoFuturist and The New Tribal Labyrinth. Click here

‘The End of Everything’ was the theme of an evening of consideration and conversation on economic progress and destruction. The guests were: Paola Antonelli (author, editor, curator), Timothy Furstnau (artist and co-founder of the Museum of Capitalism, Oakland) and Andrea Steves (artist, curator, researcher), Answar Shaikh (economist). The talk was moderated by curator and writer Glenn Adamson. Click here.

Chef Norberto Piattoni returns to Pioneer Works in celebration of the exhibition of Atelier Van Lieshout. He created a menu in response to the exhibition’s thematic focus on sustainability. Click here


Our latest book Dirty Hands is out now!

‘Atelier Van Lieshout has created a book that is up-close, rough and dynamic – celebrating the typical AVL style and working methods. The book leads the reader on a turbulent path through the recent history of the Atelier, with artworks for new worlds and systems.’

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Other Atelier Van Lieshout publications

Click here to download Atelier Van Lieshout publications such as New Tribal Labyrinth, Slave City and A Manual.




About AVL

Joep van Lieshout (1963, Ravenstein, The Netherlands)

Atelier Van Lieshout is the studio founded by sculptor Joep van Lieshout. After graduating at De Ateliers, Amsterdam, Van Lieshout quickly rose to fame with projects that travelled between the world of easy-clean design and the non-functional area of art: sculpture and installations, buildings and furniture, utopias and dystopias.

In 1995, Van Lieshout founded his studio and has been working solely under the studio’s name ever since. The studio moniker exists in Van Lieshout’s practice as a methodology toward undermining the myth of the artistic genius. Over the past three decades, Van Lieshout has established a multidisciplinary practice that produces works on the borders between art, design, and architecture. By investigating the thin line between manufacturing art and mass-producing functional objects, he seeks to find the boundaries between fantasy and function, between fertility and destruction.

With this body of work, comprising both autonomous and commissioned artworks, he has gained a strong international reputation.




Dysfunctional, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Venice Biennale, Italy
8 May 2019 – 24 November 2019
Group exhibition

Beelden in Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands
16 May 2019 – 4 August 2019
Group exhibition

ArtZuid, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
17 May 2019 – 15 September 2019
Group exhibition

The Naked TruthRijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede, The Netherlands
27 January 2019 – 16 June 2019
Group exhibition

The Uncanny Valley, FuturDome, Milan, Italy
1 April 2019 – 25 May 2019
Group exhibition

Home Futures, IKEA Museum, Älmhult, Sweden
25 April 2019 – 23 Augustus 2019
Group exhibition





‘Humanoids’ on display in Miami Beach


We are thrilled to share that Atelier Van Lieshout’s Humanoids are now on display in the Collins Canal Park in Miami Beach!

The Humanoids is a group of statues that consists of nine aluminum sculptures and is the product of Joep van Lieshout’s ongoing fascination with man, machine and humanity. They appear as abstract figures, which use the park and the natural environment as their habitat, formulating a subtle statement about our relationship to nature and our origins. The sculptures will be placed throughout the park, along the canal and amidst the trees. The Humanoids allow you to engage with them as you write, walk, think or talk in the park.

Other artists that featured their work at the Miami Beach Convention Centre are Franz Ackermann, Elmgreen & Dragset, Ellen Harvey, Joseph Kosuth and Sarah Morris.

‘Wombhouse’ (2004) donated to Centre Pompidou
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Bikinibar and Oracle in ‘KAAPSTAD’
What’s wrong with this picture? – Group exhibition
CRYPTOFOOD at FERROTOPIA on 22 and 23 June
Lazy Modernist and Liberty Lounger presented at the Salone del Mobile
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Cage on display at PUNK+DANS+KUNST in SCHUNCK*
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