‘Ferrotopia’, NDSM, Amsterdam (NL)


25 April 2018 – 2 December 2018

Ferrotopia, the latest art installation by Atelier Van Lieshout, opening at the NDSM-werf on Wednesday 25th April at 19:00h, is an ode to steel and bygone industries that explores new forms of manufacturing in a “circular economy”. 

Ferrotopia is a Gesamkunstwerk – a large-scale public project made up of four buildings: Domestikator, Drop Hammer House, Happy Industry and Refectory. Its totem is the iconic Domestikator, a monumental structure that depicts humankind’s domination of nature. Domestikator drew international attention as a hub for the Ruhr Triennial, but its fame exploded with the controversy it caused when the work was invited to be exhibited outside the Louvre, was censored and then adopted by the Centre Pompidou. The work was retrofitted as a pavilion for freedom of expression, hosting a series of screenings, discussions and international debate. In Amsterdam, Domestikator will be joined by the atmospheric Refectory, the Happy Industry Foundry – a functioning metal workshop, and the purpose-built Drop Hammer House, created specifically for the NDSM to represent destruction, recycling and production in a circular economy.