Artist, Artist Producing and Curator


Group of 3 sculptures

Artist, Artist producing and Curator (2018) are a series of works presenting the creatives as beggars; the scum of today’s society. The different sculptures form a group, which confirms and ridicules the position that these ‘slaves’ of the arts sector find themselves in.

This new group of sculptures was created as part of the Cryptofuturism project; in which Joep van Lieshout revisits the Italian Futurists a century later to look at resonances between emerging Fascist tendencies today, using his art to reveal the interplay between Utopia and destruction. Van Lieshout embraces emerging technologies from genetic manipulation to robotics and big data to draw parallels between the societal threats faced in the early 20th century and the perhaps graver circumstances we face today. The question is whether these figures present the position of the artist and the curator in this new world Van Lieshout creates, or if they represent their position in society today.

Artist, Artist producing and Curator (2018) were part of the following exhibition(s):
Market Forces, HERO Gallery, Amsterdam (NL), 2018

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