Fiberglass, steel, wood
940 cm x 390 cm x 880 cm

is a large scale artwork that serves as a totem, a temple and a beacon. It symbolizes the power of humanity over the world and pays tribute to the ingenuity, the sophistication and the capacities of humanity, to the power of organisation, and to the use of this power to dominate the natural environment. In order to support 7 billion people, agriculture has become an industry, with factory farming and genetic manipulation a necessity. This provides us with an ethical dilemma, as this kind of farming seems to border on abuse. At the same time, the literal abuse of animals, bestiality, is one of the last remaining taboos. Why is it that treating an animal like a fellow human is an unspeakable act, whilst treating an animal like a resource for industrial production is the norm?

Domestikator is part of the larger installation The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Good the Bad and the Ugly is a temporary settlement in Bochum, Germany that was designed for the Ruhrtriennale, a festival for theatre, music, dance and arts.

Domestikator (2015) was part of the following exhibition(s):
Ferrotopia, NDSM, Amsterdam (NL), 2018
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Ruhrtriennale, Bochum (DE), 2015/2016/2017
‘Centre Pompidou’, Paris (FR), 2017

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