‘VOORLOPERS’, Paleis Soestdijk, Baarn (NL)


13 May 2022 – 14 August 2022

From 13 May to 14 August the Park of  Paleis Soestdijk will be open for the public to visit the contemporary art exhibition VOORLOPERS (PIONEERS).  Contemporary artists, renowned and new pioneering talents, will address within the exhibition topcial issues such as bio-technology & bio-design, sustainability & recycling, but also the changing view on heritage.

Atelier Van Lieshout’s Darwin will be shown at Paleis Soestdijk. This extremely enlarged purple sperm cell represents the drive for survival, both biologically and socially. Inside is a bed and a small desk, suggesting a think tank to hatch a strategy to remain the fittest and stay on top. The architectural sculpture is part of an exhibition presenting a select group of Dutch pioneer artists.

Tuesday – Friday: 11.00–17.00
Saturday and Sunday: 12.00–17.00

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