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Rules and regulations are wasted on Joep van Lieshout. Ever since becoming a professional artist in the 1980s, he has attacked the art world’s conventions. Alongside unique, non-functional, authentic works, he has produced architecture, furniture and machines.

Some of the furniture is not only beautiful and meaningful, but also very functional. It’s a democratic form of art, accessible to all, yet fulfilling domestic functions. You can have a mind-blowing vision right in your living room and sit on it. And now the furniture is internationally available through this webshop.

Go to and look for yourself!


Current exhibition(s):

Blast Furnace, Art OMI, Ghent NY, (USA)
25 May 2019 – Winter 2021
Kunst aan de Schinkel, Soledad Senlle Art Foundation, Amsterdam (NL)
25 July 2021 – 1 April 2022
World Expo 2020, The Netherlands Pavilion, Dubai (UAE)
1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022
Opening Exhibition, ROOF-A, Rotterdam (NL)
4 November 2021 – 1 May 2022
Power On, MOYA Museum, Oosterhout (NL)
11 December 2021 – 20 March 2022

Upcoming exhibition(s):

Opening LAGO, OMR, Mexico City (MX)
9 February 2022 – 16 August 2022
, Park Soestdijk, Soestdijk (NL)
12 May 2022 – 5 August 2022
Living the Habitat, Open House, Geneva (CH)
11 June 2022 – 21 August 2022
De Verleiding, Bosch Parade, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
16 June 2022 – 19 June 2022

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SOLO EXHIBITION 'EHBO', Galerie Ron Mandos, Amsterdam (NL)


Atelier Van Lieshout has transformed Galerie Ron Mandos into a surrealist parallel universe. Makeability – as an ideal – reaches its apex here, overachievement resulting in perverse hyperbole. It’s a confrontation with life itself: the failure, the triumph and the inevitable collateral damage.

EHBO feels like a cross between a field hospital, labyrinth and sculpture garden in which religious iconography gets mixed up with all too human and post-human images. This installation is not for the impassive viewer, here the audience must wander amongst every level of human experience

Galerie Ron Mandos
Prinsengracht 282
1016 HJ
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Open Wednesday – Saturday | 12:00 – 18:00
Sunday | 12:00 – 17:00

Book your timeslot here.

‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’, CWG, New York (USA)

‘Falckenberg Collection’, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg (DE)

‘Recover/Uncover’, Masa Galeria, Mexico City (MX)

A Confrontation of Ideals’, Anren Biennale, Anren (CN)

‘Atelier Van Lieshout’, AVL Mundo, Art Rotterdam (NL)

‘Home is a home is a home is a home’, Jousse Entreprise, Paris (FR)

‘A Decade of Wearable Art’, Elisabetta Cipriani Gallery, London (UK)

‘Love in a Mist’, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Cambridge (USA)

‘In the Age of Post-Drought’, Transnatural, DDW (NL)

‘Dark Fantasy’, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)

‘House of Transition’, Fokus Favoriten, Vienna (AT)

‘Secret Society’, AVL Mundo, Rotterdam (NL)

‘Dysfunctional’, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Venice (IT)

‘Vrijplaats bij MIJ’, Museum IJsselstein, IJsselstein (NL)

‘Blast Furnace’, Art OMI, Ghent (USA)

‘RENEGADE’, Gió Marconi, Milan (IT)

‘ArtZuid 2019’, Amsterdam (NL)

‘Mutant Nature’, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris (FR)

‘The CryptoFuturist and The New Tribal Labyrinth’, Pioneer Works, New York (USA)

‘Killing Time’, Willem Twee, Den Bosch (NL)

‘BIG AND PLENTY’, AVL Mundo, Rotterdam (NL)

‘Naked’, Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen (NL)

‘Market Forces’, HERO Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)

‘What’s wrong with this picture?’, AVL Mundo, Rotterdam (NL)