'(UN)REAL', Science Gallery Rotterdam, Online exhibition


3 April – 1 July 2020

What is real, and how are you sure it is so? Can you be confident in your perceptions when so many experiences are digital or influenced by the changing chemistry and architecture of your brain? Science Gallery Rotterdam at Erasmus MC invites you to engage with art projects that respond to this fertile terrain between the actual and the perceived.

Atelier Van Lieshout’s Food Processor (2015) is part of the group exhibition (UN)REAL. This work is a hybrid human-machine species, one united entity, that can take leftovers and process them with microbes and enzymes to produce new, recycled superfood. It is a technocratic, capitalist dream come true, and a triumph, in collaboration with science: the food of the future.

View the online exhibition via this link


Current exhibitions

Uomo Analyticus, AVL Mundo, Rotterdam (NL)
7 October 2019 – 1 June 2020

Reality is Not What it Seems, Jousse, Paris (FR)
29 February 2020 – 6 June 2020

(Un)real, Science Gallery Rotterdam, Online
3 April – 1 July 2020

House of Transition, Fokus Favoriten, Vienna, (AT)
20 September 2019 – September 2020

Blast Furnace, Art OMI, Ghent NY, (USA)
25 May 2019 – May 2021


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'Uomo Analyticus', AVL Mundo, Rotterdam (NL)


4 October 2019 – 1 June 2020

During COVID-19 it’s still possible to visit ‘Uomo Analyticus’ under strict conditions. More information about the exhibition and the current guidelines via this link.

‘Uomo Analyticus’ can both mean ‘the analyzing human’ and ‘a human analyzed’. How do we live? How are we made? How do we process and get processed? This exhibition focusses on the core theme of Atelier Van Lieshout’s practice: dissecting systems, be it society as a whole or the human body. Atelier Van Lieshout looks at the human body as the ultimate system and an everlasting source of inspiration.

Uomo Analyticus is organised by Foundation AVL Mundo in collaboration with Science Gallery Rotterdam.

AVL Mundo Sculpture Park
Keileweg 18, Rotterdam (NL)
Mon – Fri, 09:00 – 17:00
Free entrance

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